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Honors and Awards

Bachelo‍‍‍rs of Commerce - Marketing (Co-op)

University of Ottawa - Telfer School of Management

Sept 2014 - May 2018

Diploma of College Studies (DEC) - Pure and Applied Sciences

Champlain College Lennoxville (Cejep)

Sept 2012 - May 2014

‍‍‍Throughout my four years at uOttawa, I participated in the Jeux du Commerce as an athlete and volunteer representing Telfer. Like any other university graduate, I participated in many successful (and a few less successful) group projects. The most rewarding of which was a marketing campaign for the Royal Ottawa Foundation for Mental health, which won my gr‍‍‍oup and I a spot among the three finalists in the Michel Cloutier Marketing Competition. After four years of hard work and fun times, I'm proud to say I graduated with a CGPA of 8.06 (Magna Cum Laude).

During my two year degree at Champlain, I juggled school and sports while I played for the men's basketball team, making it to the provincial playoffs in both years, and winning the team award as co-captain in my second year. With multiple two-hour practices and a game each week, I learned to discipline myself and prioritize school work in order to keep my average above 80%.

Marketing and Communications Assistant

Centre for Social Enterprise Development (CSED)

May 2017 - Sept 2017

‍‍‍As part of thi‍‍‍s small non-profit organization, I worked with an incredible team with a mission to advance businesses and organizations whose primary objective is to drive systemic social change. My role as a marketing assistant was to promote the activities of these social enterprises and those of CSED itself through a variety of channels, in addition to supporting team members in their own initiatives. Some of my tasks included:

  • Producing original content through blogs, newsletters, and interviews with sector leaders.

  • Coordinating CSED’s presence on all social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)

  • Developing a communications plan targeted to members of the social enterprise sector for the 2017 Unleashed Conference which outlined the schedule, tactics, and content for promotion.

‍‍‍Stu‍‍‍dent Procurement Advisor

Elections Canada‍‍‍

Sept 2016 - Jan 2016‍‍‍

Talk about a new environment for me. While I tried to learn about all the different types of contracts, amendments, and rules for procurement, I developed some serious organizational and prioritization skills. Whether it was drafting a contract, leading an RFP, or preparing for the Supplier Engagement Days, everything had a time sensitive deadline. Some of my tasks included:

  • Drafting and revising complicated contracts and amendments with support from my team.
  • Leading my own RFPs, ensuring timely and professional communication with external stakeholders.
  • Researching change management practices and creating a guide to facilitate changing procurement processes and guidelines for the team.

Marketing Assistant‍‍‍

The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA)

Jan 2016‍‍‍ - May‍‍‍ 2016

My first real introduction to marketing. Working at CREA was an awesome experience, and not just because we played soccer every Friday. I was able to take on new cha‍‍‍llenges, learn from experienced marketers, and It was the first time I realized how much I truly enjoyed writing content. Some of my tasks included:

  • Collaborating with multiple teams to coordinate CREA’s appearance at events; researching event venues, providing representatives with key information, and shipping materials on time.
  • Creating content for training courses, web pages, infographics, and various other initiatives.
  • Maintained and updated the content and navigation (UX) of the Realtorlink intranet.

I'm eager and ready to learn all that I can about digital marketing. Through four diverse cooperative education (Co-op) work terms, I've been able to develop my professional skills and become an adaptable and driven individual. With experience and knowledge around numerous digital marketing tactics and a passion for learning, I'm exited to grow as a T-shaped marketer and put my skills to the test in a new organization.

Talent Acquisition Intern

Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP)‍‍‍

May 2015 - Sept 2015‍‍‍

Work term number one, in a primarily french environment. I'm bilingual, but I won't lie, constantly communicating and producing content in my second language was pretty challenging. Although google translate and french dictionary sites were my best friends for the summer, it was a great introduction to the professional world in a great company. Some of my tasks included:

  • Tracking and reporting on the team's KPIs through dashboard management with GROW.‍‍‍
  • Helping to attract prospective employees through external and internal communications and presentations.
  • Preparing welcome packages and greeting new employees and co-op students.

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